“I've been friends with Nancy for the last 12 years, and in this time I've grown to admire that her success is due not only to her mind, but is actually about her hands. What stays with me about Nancy's creativity is how she uses her hands to create – everything from forming dough for bread and pastries to crafting her mozzarella dishes at Osteria Mozza. For anyone that has ever had the chance to sit in front of Nancy and watch her prepare a dish, it's truly a magical experience. When she forms the mozzarella in her hands, it becomes a part of her. It's like the dough, mozzarella, tomatoes and herbs that she uses are all part of this creative process of love. That's how I know her gelato and ice creams will be incredibly tasty, creamy and delicious.”

Chicago’s top Restaurateur 

Nancy Silverton is the only chef in the United States to win the James Beard Award for Outstanding Chef in America and the James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef in America.

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